7778 Metal Airbrush Set – Wood Box



Aztek AZ7778 The Ultimate Chrome Airbrush Set

You asked for it, you got it! Aztek have combined the ease and flexibility of the Aztek premium A470 airbrush design with a high quality triple-chrome-plated body to create the new A7778 Metal Body Airbrush. Forged from die-cast metal, the double action internal mix A7778 weighs in at 30 grams, giving it the substantial weight of a metal airbrush with the balance and feel of the ergonomic Aztek design. As with other Aztek airbrushes, the A7778 features the patented quick-change, easy to clean nozzle system. Add to that the full range of tips, paint cups, bottles, gravity feed color cups and accessories, and you've got a modern heavy-duty airbrush system that provides both precision paint application and excellent durability.

A7778 Ultimate Airbrush Set Includes:

• 480 Series Metal Airbrush 
• 6' (1.8 m) hose
• 9 nozzles:
- Fine line
- High flow
- General detail
- Acrylic general detail
- Acrylic high flow nozzle
- Spatter
- Small coverage
- Medium coverage
- Large coverage
• 5 Feed Cups:
- 2.5 cc Side feed
- 3 cc Gravity feed
- 7.5 cc Gravity feed
- 10 cc Gravity feed  
- 12cc Top feed
• 2 Siphon Jars:
- 28 mm Siphon cap & bottle
- 33 mm Siphon cap & bottle
• Compressor adapter & nozzle wrench
• Deluxe wooden storage case with velvet pouch for the airbrush
• Instructional DVD & Manual


Patented Aztek Nozzle for quick effects changes and minimal clean-up
Works as double or single action airbrush
Durable, chrome body
Pinpoint accuracy control
General and precise detail work

Single Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers both air and paint simultaneously (220 & 320 Series).

Double Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint (470 & 480 Series).

Internal Mix

A type of airbrush where paint is atomized inside the airbrush (320, 470 & 480 Series).


Standard airbrushes get covered with paint, requiring complete disassembly to clean. Aztek requires no disassembly. Paint travels directly to and through the nozzle, entirely bypassing the airbrush body. Aztek lays down a full range of special effects without time-consuming, complete needle adjustments. Tip technology allows user to quickly move from one spray pattern to another by simply changing the tips. Thoughtful ergonomic design comfortably fits in the hand, reducing fatigue and providing a good grip while spraying. The airbrush body is also impervious to solvents.