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The IF8 (or infanteriefahrzeug ausf 8) was the most common German platoon supply/weapons cart in World War II. Interchangeable tow bars enabled it to be moved by a single horse, hand pulled or towed by a light vehicle such as a Kettenkrad, motorcycle combination or Kübelwagen. It was often used in tandem as pictured on this box. This kit includes all towing options and typical ‘loads’ of a MG42 anti-aircraft machine gun and a frame for carrying four Panzerschreck anti-tank rocket launchers. Jerry cans and ammunition boxes are also provided

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VM005 German IF8 Infantry Cart Box Contents

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Military Modelling Magazine Review July 2011

Valiant Miniatures
German infantry cart plastic kit in 1:72 scale

The German infantry cart IF8 (infanteriefahrzeug ausf 8) was a small, two-wheel load carrier with many different payloads used by the Wehrmacht throughout the Second World War. It was a simple design with interchangeable towing rails that enabled it to be hand- drawn or hitched to a horse or suitable vehicles ? Kettenkrad upwards. A short drawbar was available to hitch the carts in tandem and frames for weapons, machine guns, panzerschreck anti-tank rockets, boxed ammunition, jerrycans, rations, in practice, anything that could fit into the cart would be carried ... probably even wounded men would carried from combat areas in them.

Valiant Miniatures has released a kit of the IF8, moulded in polystyrene on two sprues, thus offering enough for two carts in each box, ideal for wargaming or employment in a 1:72 scale diorama. Each cart assembles from five parts - two sides, top rim and two wheels. Draw bars for manual hauling and vehicles, plus shafts for a horse are provided and two figures and two horses are included. There are also wooden racks for each cart, both taking four panzerschreck anti~tank rocket launchers each and four launchers are included. Anti-aircraft mountings for the MG42 machine gun are also on the sprues; so one cart could be deployed in the AA role whereas the other could carry four panzerschreck launchers. Ammunition boxes, wooden crates and jerrycans are in there too.

The model is ideal for wargames or built up and displayed as a stand-alone model on a scenic base - or perhaps as part of a 1:72 scale diorama. It's a useful little model and also quite versatile in how it can be made up and displayed, and very good value for money too.