Heuschrecke IVb Grashopper-leFH 18/6 auf Geschützwg.III/IV

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'39-' 45 SERIES

Converted 10.5cm leFH18 gun plus StuH 42 gun mount specially designed for Grasshopper are carefully reproduced Turret has exquisite interior detail Turret realistically designed to allow movement 360 traverse, gun elevation & depression - or can be dismounted as a field gun Turret mounting-pad can be installed on vehicle or emplaced on ground with turret Wheels for turret mounting-pad have assembly option mounted on pad or on rear of vehicle Lifting gantry for dismounting turret is a fully movable design Fighting compartment interior represented in detail ammo rack, gunpowder storage Battery in fighting compartment can be represented with door closedIncludes Gen2 equipment for interior Upper hull rendered in fine detail Brand new extended chassis with precise dimensions Lower hull is slide molded with authentic details Exhaust pipe delicately recreated Left and right sprocket wheels are different to mimic this feature on real vehicle Sprocket wheels w/multiple delicate partsRoad wheels and suspension are finely detailed 40cm Magic TracksIdler wheels w/detailed parts Securing spikes for dismounted turret are slide molded Bonus ammunition included New Cartograf Decal.