Cleaning station filters



Aztek Cleaning Station Filters x 3

Refills for the airbrush cleaning station AZ9315. When your filter becomes totally discoloured it is time for a new filter.

Cleaning Station

Convenient and environmentally safe product for airbrush cleaning. An airbrush is inserted in the adjustable neck. Cleaner is blown through the airbrush and trapped in the jar. Allows for use with any airbrush.


Standard airbrushes get covered with paint, requiring complete disassembly to clean. Aztek requires no disassembly. Paint travels directly to and through the nozzle, entirely bypassing the airbrush body.

Aztek lays down a full range of special effects without time-consuming, complete needle adjustments. Tip technology allows user to quickly move from one spray pattern to another by simply changing the tips.

Thoughtful ergonomic design comfortably fits in the hand, reducing fatigue and providing a good grip while spraying. The airbrush body is also impervious to solvents.