Hobby Engine Leopard A25 Battle Tank -Forest Camouflage

Hobby engine

Scale: 1:16

Product Details:

- Full Function
- Included Bullet and Cardboard Traget
- Fire Bullet Up to 1 Meters With Good Accuracy
- Fire While On The Move Or Stationary
- Realistic Electronic Sound and Light Effect
- Control Range: 30 Meters
- Cannon Moves Up & Down With Machine Gun Sound
- Turret Rotates Left and Right
- Body Rotates 360 Degree Freely
- Weathered Finish
- Climb up 35 Degree Freely
- Frequency Provided: 26.995/27.095MHz
- Individual Suspension

Product Size:600x245x220MM

Battery Requirements:

Battery (Included): 7.2V 800mAh Ni-mh Battery
  9V Battery for TX
Charger (Included): Output 9V = 200mA