About Fine Turf

Adds texture and highlights to trees, grasses, foliage and other ground covers. Available in six realistic colours, which model fresh, scorched and dying grasses, moss, weeds and dirt roads. Attach with Scenic Cement™.

Comes in 2 sizes Bag or Shaker

One 25.2 cu in (412 cu cm) Bag covers approximately 2,000 sq in or 14 sq ft (130 sq dm)
One 57.7 cu in (945 cu cm) Shaker covers approximately 4,600 sq in or 32 sq ft (297 sq dm)

Particle size is approximately 1/1000" - 1/32" (0.025 mm - 0.079 mm)

Fine Turf Soil Bag

Fine Turf Earth Bag

Fine Turf Yellow Grass Bag

Fine Turf Burnt Grass Bag

Fine Turf Green Grass Bag

Fine Turf Weeds Bag

Fine Turf Soil Shaker

Fine Turf Earth Shaker

Fine Turf Yellow Grass Shaker

Fine Turf Burnt Grass Shaker

Fine Turf Green Grass Shaker

Fine Turf Weeds Shaker