Power and Control Base - Multi Lane 175mm x 2 Plus 2 Hand Controls

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Suitable for extending Scalextric sets and layouts.

This Power and Control base can be used on any Standard Scalextric layout to allow racing on up to eight lanes at once.
2 x Hand Controllers
1 x Scalextric Sport Powerbase Multilane Extension
1 x Half Straight
Build up to eight lanes of racing action. Add one multi-lane extension for every two extra lanes in your circuit
One or two transformer operation. Gives fully independent power and control to each car when two transformers are used.
The two enhanced specification 60 ohms hand controllers give smooth acceleration and dynamic braking.
Fully compatible with both Scalextric Sport and Scalextric Classic track.
C8241 physically connects to Lanes 1 & 2 and extension wires run from C8241 under the track to lanes 3 and 4 (or 5&6 or 7&8) where the wires are then connected to a standard straight or half straight.
This product is not suitable for use with Scalextric Digital layouts.
C990 Wall Plug Transformer not included.