Ford transitvan MK11

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Transit is Ford’s light commercial vehicle series first produced in 1965 by Ford Germany in partnership

with Ford UK. The front engine of these vehicles allowed a lower loading bay, which eased the loading

process and made them so popular. The very first Transit was produced in 1965

In 1978 it was further reshaped and the MK II was born. In 1984 an aesthetic restyling was made on

the front bumper and to the engine, which was a 68 horsepower Diesel York of 2498 cbm.

These vehicles have been a huge commercial success and have been a common sight batting down

the outside lane of motorways in pure white livery for many years !

MKII versions were also used by Royal Mail who had 100 vehicles painted up in its familiar red livery

 as well as British Telecom, RAC, AA, British Gas and Fire Brigades and Police Constabularies across

the UK. Even Ford Motorsport used these as Service Vans for their rally team support during the 80s.


Italeri now bring this UK icon of the road to its 1/24 scale Truck series with a precise rendition of the

MKII version from 1984 with the option to build a left or right hand drive version and position doors open

or closed.