HORNBY SR Terrier Bembridge no 14 DCC FITTED

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Entering service with the LB&SCR as No. 78 Knowle, the locomotive was moved into storage by the Southern Railway in September 1935, but when the Isle of Wight Railway found itself with a shortage of light engines, Knowle was overhauled, fitted with an extended bunker and shipped to the island in May 1929, taking the number W4 and the name Bembridge. Push-pull equipment was fitted and the Terrier worked the lighter lines out of Newport, being renumbered as W14 in April 1932. The opening of a bigger 26ft turntable at Bembridge in 1936 allowed heavier 4-4-2T O2 locomotives to work the smaller lines and W14 Bembridge became surplus to requirements, being returned to the mainland in May that year.

                                Technical Specification & Detail

DCC TypeDCC Fitted
PeriodEra 3 (1923 - 1947)
Operator/LiverySR Olive Green
DesignerWilliam Stroudley
Minimum CurveR1
Age Suitability14+
Motor3 Pole Skew Wound
Wheel Configuration0-6-0