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  • Description

This module has been designed to power model railway lighting systems and other accessories.  Power is supplied to the module via the terminal block on the end, then power is outputted via the terminal blocks by switching the toggle switches.
  • This is an extremely versatile little module and it has many uses
  • The can be used to power lights, accessories etc
  • Provides power to 5x 2way, 5mm terminal blocks
  • The module can output power to 5 separate circuits
  • Uses 2 terminal blocks for power, the 2nd terminal block can be used to provide power to further modules
  • Power to the output terminal blocks is controlled by 5 PCB mount sub miniature toggle switches
  • The toggle switches have smooth necks, there is also a version with threaded necks with nuts and washers
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Uses a high quality, professional, double sided PCB with silkscreen layer
  • The PCB is compact
  • The PCB has mounting holes - PCB mounting pads are included
  • Ideal for model railway lighting